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Reviewed in the united states on september 8, 20 when i started watching macross again on bluray it was like watching a brand new anime. Macross plus movie edition bluray japanese 651 for sale. It was released on dvd and bluray disc in november 2009. Amazon is currently listing the first blu ray disc and dvd volume of the macross delta television anime with an option for english subtitles. The franchise features a fictional history of earth and the human race after the year 1999, as well as the history of humanoid civilization in the milky way. The super dimension fortress macross bluray box complete edition 7 disc limited release. While the game was a playstation 3 exclusive, the movie itself could be played on any blu ray player. I found it in japan this summer and am happy to say it rules. New ftisland arena tour 2014 the passion blu ray japan wpxl90086. The bluray release contains the bluray jacket, the hybrid disc, a 48page artwork booklet, a theatrical release archive, and a card featuring frames from the movie. I wasnt interested at all in macross ii or macross 7.

The movie the false songstress hybrid pack, was released on october 7, 2010. Macross on bluray movies and tv series macross world. The human race is in the middle of a threeway war with a race of giant humanoid aliens split into the zentrans males and meltlans females. I have dyrl, macross plus and a few others like the anniversary disc. Both ova releases featured the international version english dubs as a language track, with episode 4 using the newer bandai dub while retaining the. Macross plus blu ray episode 4 original manga audio. Macross 7 bluray boxset details announced movies and tv. Do you remember love movie, which finally got a proper release on bluray. Macross delta japanese bluray release to include english. Macross frontier itsuwarino uta hime the movie bluray. It was included with the playstation 3 game my boyfriend is a pilot game. The threeish episodes of the unfortunately failed robotech macross saga sequel were crafted together to form the sentinels movie back in 1988.

The complete set includes the remastered versions of all 85 episodes from the three robotech wars. It is a sequel to the show the super dimension fortress macross that takes place many years after the events of the first series following a cast of mostly new characters. The box contains the original video adaptation ova and the movie. The film falls flat and ends up feeling soulless and forgettable for being a robotech anime film. Ai, oboete imasu ka hybrid pack will contain two versions of the film, a complete edition hd remaster edition. Macross movie bluray to have changes from 1984 original. When i started watching macross again on bluray it was like watching a brand new anime.

I bought it when i was in japan this summer and watched it already. My friends who dont even like anime were blown away by the animation quality, music and story. Macross movie bluray to have changes from 1984 original news. Because the old dvds including the movie edition where 4. Complete fire 1 will be released on october 26 and includes eps 129 and 60mins worth of extras. Macross love do you remember full version dvd ebay. In addition, both the ova and movie edition have english language options, with a dub for the former and subtitles for the latter. Macross frontier galaxy tour final in budokan bluray. An ancient war machine and an alien priestess are key elements in a battle to save earth from invaders.

Macross delta animes 1st bluraydvd listed with english. Ps3 macross f the movie 30th d shudisuta b limited edition blu ray box japan. Gekijou no walkure bluray english subtitled japan version bcxa76 at with free international shipping. Macross plus bluray episode 4 original manga audio. However, unlike the dvd versions, there is no top menu. Theres no complete box set available yet for macross delta since its just finished. Namco bandai games has confirmed with ann that its july 26 japanese bluray disc release of the super dimension fortress macross. Disc 1 1985 starring jeanclaude ballard and gregory snegoff on dvd and blu ray. Likewise, with the macross plus bluray release, the discs included the english dub and subtitles from the internation versions back in the 90s this new macross. F 30th db box, a 3disc bluraydvd boxset including a dualdisc bundle of the two macross f movies and also the fourth macross hybrid disc. See details macross f frontier the movie the false songstress itsuwari no utahime blu ray see all 2 brand new listings. There will be two separate boxsets, with an rrp of 2,9400yen each. In the next century, a reconfiguring ship think transformer with a pilot called macross carries fifty thousand refugees within its hold as it returns to earth pursued by giant humanoid warriors. I couldnt find this trailer anywhere else, so i decided to upload it.

Also, the movie version thats included in the set includes english subtitles. I wanted to see a bit of video from the bluray itself. If you already know the story and watched the fansubs then youll enjoy watching this in 1080p quality. Gekijyo no walkure limited release english subtitles. Macross 7 blu ray box complete fire1 lt 2015 april. A bluray release of the movie, titled macross frontier. Qts the super dimension fortress macross ii lovers again blu ray box eizou tokuten blu ray box pv. The super dimension fortress macross chojiku yosai makurosu original version vs blu ray box complete edition. The show ran from october 16, 1994 to september 24, 1995 at 11.

This version of the movie, the super dimension fortress macross. You can tell the manga audio is perfect the bandai audio from the blue ray feels cheap. Macross the movie super dimension fortress anime laserdisc do you. Macross plus movie edition 720p film 6e8412f8ec bleach episode 94 english dub hd 720p full anime fights. The bluray we were waiting for rewatching the macross 1984. A bluray disc release of the movie, titled macross frontier the movie. A heroic cast of returning characters, led by scott bernard and vince grant, fight to end a decadeslong struggle against an enigmatic alien race known as the invid. This will probably never be in america so get the japanese official copy and enjoy it.

Animation macross ii the super dimension fortress macross ii bluray box. The shadow chronicles is the latest exciting chapter of the robotech saga. The new blu ray boxset will be on sale on december 25th, 20 for a year and it will include tons of bonus contents including music videos, previously released ovas, karaoke videos and. Macross 30th super dimension fortress bluray box 6. The super dimension fortress macross bluray box 6 disc regular edition.

Macross plus movie edition remastered 1080p macross plus movie edition hd. When predator debuted on blu ray in april 2008, on a 25 gb disc, it featured a relatively low bitrate mpeg2 transfer, prone to excessive noisiness and compression artifacts. The macross saga, the robotech masters and the new generation. Although it has been distributed in the other parts. While the film has never been a slicklooking production, and though the 2008 version was certainly the best the movie had looked on home video up until that time, there. As the series begins, during a mission to an unexplored asteroid belt a reconnaissance new united nations spacy n. Probably the ebay link you provided was a used one hence the price difference from the two links you provided. Screenshots provided to me from the v1 blu ray really helped me build several of the new pieces for the macross mecha manual, especially getting the colors right for the gol boddole zer mobiel fortress which was colored incorrectly in the macross chronicle. In 2006 the shadow chronicles film was released to take up where robotechnew generation left off with hopes it would lead to future films. A separate blu ray of the ova and movie edition was released in early 20 as the macross plus complete blu ray box. Rent macross plus 1994 on dvd and bluray dvd netflix.

This movie did not capture the spirit of robotech, better luck. Forum user antibiotictab has come up with a scoop regarding details for the upcoming macross 7 bd boxsets. If this violates any s, i will take it down upon request. With arihiro hase, mari iijima, mika doi, michio hazama. Vf171 nightmare plus is destroyed by extremely powerful and fast insectoid biomechanical alien mecha known as the vajra. In 2014, one year after the release of macross 30, bandainamco issued gekijoban macross f 30th d shoodista b box.

Macross f zentora bluray set is a remastered version of the series. Ps3 macross f the movie 30th d shudisuta b limited edition bluray box fs japan. The last series i collected was macross zero several years ago. This is an excellent concert starring mayn and maaya sakamoto, or sheryl nome and ranka lee the two main female characters from the newest installment of the super dimension fortress macross saga entitled macross f, or macross frontier, and celebrates 25 years of this amazing anime series. The false songstress hybrid pack, was released on october 7, 2010. Rent macross plus 1994 starring mako hyoudou and takumi yamazaki on dvd and blu ray. This macross plus blu ray boxset is still readily available from places like. Macross 7 ginga ga ore wo yondeirujapan bluray i98 for.

And the movie plays brilliantly on a flat screen and high powered speaker system which i have. On july 26, 2012, the blu ray version was released on bandai namco games under the name hybrid pack. Art from the macross plus movie edition program booklet, featuring sharon apple, guld goa bowman and mylene flare jenius. I enjoyed macross plus more than this film, and that didnt even take place during the robotech wars but i felt was done better overall. Bandai visual updated its official website to list english subtitles for macross plus movie edition in the macross plus complete bluray box. Macross plus movie bluray to have english subs in japan news.

The macross plus blu ray boxset is nothing if not comprehensive. A young pilot in the military named hikaru rescues his idol, the beautiful singer lynn minmay. I couldnt believe how amazing the picture and sound quality are. Bluray release date july 26, 2012 30th anniversary box limited edition. The only clips ive seen are whats posted on youtube.

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